Notes on misconduct

Schumacher GmbH – Federn- und Stanztechnik attaches great importance to protecting itself, its employees and its business partners from penalties, damages and negative effects on its reputation due to misconduct. We always observe and comply with laws, internal and external regulations and the compliance requirements of our customers and business partners.

Should you nevertheless discover violations or misconduct by us, i.e. by the employees and management of Schumacher GmbH – Federn- und Stanztechnik, you can send us (anonymous) information about this.
However, in order to be able to examine each individual case, we need concrete information on the misconduct that has been identified. This could be, for example, violations of codes of conduct or antitrust law, corruption, theft, discrimination or mobbing. If you would like to send us information or tips on this, please note the five questions:

  1. Who is affected?
  2. What exactly happened?
  3. When did the incident take place?
  4. How often was the offence committed?
  5. Where did the incident take place?

We expressly point out that

  • not only employees of Schumacher GmbH – Federn- und Stanztechnik, but also customers, business partners and other third parties can provide information about misconduct committed by us.
  • that we always handle the data of whistleblowers with absolute confidentiality

You have several options for informing us about a specific incident

If you wish to provide information anonymously

1. use our contact form that we have set up for this purpose.

You do not have to provide an e-mail address. If you would still like to receive feedback from us, you have several possibilities to use an e-mail address:

  • As a user of an Apple iPhone (and an iCloud+ subscription), you have the option to hide your email address.
  • If you are a user of a freemail address – such as Gmail, yahoo and others – you can eventually create a so-called alias. Further information with your service provider
  • If you do not have an anonymous e-mail address, you can set up a freemail address (for example at Gmail)

2. write us an e-mail 
To send an anonymous email, please see instructions above.

3. you can also notify us in writing

Schumacher GmbH – Federn- und Stanztechnik
Röntgenstr. 41
57439 Attendorn

If you would like to give information by name

By telephone: +49 (0) 2722 9542-0
By post:
Schumacher GmbH – Federn- und Stanztechnik
Röntgenstr. 41
57439 Attendorn