Our products:
Snap rings

We produce individual snap rings in the sizes, shapes, ends and materials desired by you. You will find an overview of the snap rings we can produce here. Whether for a single product or series production.

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An overview of the different materials we process as well as product finishes we can offer can be found here.


  • Wire diameter: from 0.4 mm to 6 mm
  • From round wire and profile wire


  • Cut burr-free
  • Ends deburred


  • Normal snap rings
  • Hooked snap ring
  • Outer diameter up to max. 120.0 mm

Special features

  • Short-term sample production

Our performance promise:
versatile, flexible and punctual.

Due to our modern and versatile machinery, many years of experience as well as qualified employees, we are able to produce a wide range of technical springs, such as compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs, snap rings, stamped parts and wire bent parts.

Not only is our machinery versatile, but our in-house tooling department and commitment to flexibility ensure that we are agile and quick to produce.

Whether it’s the short-term production of a product sample, a small batch or a large-scale or series production, we always offer the right solution.

We are aware that on-time production is of utmost importance to our customers and ensure that we always deliver on time, even with high versatility and flexibility.

Our stock of pre-materials enables us to provide a wide range of standard market materials quickly and efficiently for production. If a special material is required, we have close relationships with suppliers who can quickly supply us with the material we need.