Our service commitment:

Versatile, flexible, punctual and sustainable.

Versatile, flexible, punctual and sustainable.
This is Schumacher.


Due to very diverse and state-of-the-art machines, our long-standing experience and the qualification of our employees, we are able to produce many different versions of tension springs, pressure springs, leg springs, snap rings, wire bent parts and stamped parts.


We know what is important. Despite our high versatility and flexibility, we always complete your products on time.

A raw material stock also enables us to provide a large selection of commercially available materials for production as fast as possible. And if a special material is sought after, we have access to suppliers that can quickly make this available.


A versatile machine park, in-house tool manufacturing and the belief that flexibility is one of our competitive advantages render us agile and fast with regard to production.

Whether it is the short-term production of a product sample or a small series or even large series or series production, we have the right solution.


Sustainability is at the core of our business philosophy. Our PV system reduces CO2 emissions and we also choose resource-conserving materials, operate energy-efficient processes and conduct regular energy audits in accordance with DIN 16247. Our internal environmental management system ensures that every employee actively contributes to reducing our ecological footprint.

Sustainability is not just a word for us, but our responsibility for a better future.


Our company history

We have been producing technical springs, stamped parts and wire bent parts of the highest quality for many applications and industries for our customers for more than 70 years.


1953 - Foundation of the Josef Schumacher Federnfabrik

The “König & Schumacher Federnfabrik”, co-founded by Josef Schumacher Senior in 1948, turned into “Josef Schumacher Federnfabrik” in 1953. The company specialised in the “production of small and micro springs in precision finish”.


1965 - Move to Attendorn-Ennest

More than a decade later, in 1965, the company was then relocated to the current location in Attendorn-Ennest. More space was needed to meet the growing order situation. Besides, the town of Attendorn was developing the industrial estate Ennest. The company “Josef Schumacher Federnfabrik” was the first company to settle there.


1975 - Josef Schumacher Junior & Michael Sperling join the company

Some 10 years later, in 1975, the son of the company founder, Josef Schumacher Junior, joins as Managing Director, as well as Michael Sperling as Executive Officer with binding authority. Both of them lead the company over the next 40 years as a team.


1978 - 25th anniversary

On the occasion of the 25th company anniversary in 1978, an article is published in the magazine of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, telling of the success of the company „Josef Schumacher Federnfabrik”.


1980 - First trade fair presentation

“Josef Schumacher Federnfabrik” exhibits for the first time at a supplier fair in The Netherlands in 1980. To this day, we have maintained long-standing customer relations across Europe, of which we are very proud.


1989 - Extension of the company building

Space in our production halls is once again running out. In 1989, our 2nd production hall is added, and our warehouse is extended.


1998 - First ISO 9001 certification

Finally in 1998, the company receives its current name. Since then, we have operated under the name “Schumacher GmbH – Federn- und Stanztechnik”. We also received the first ISO:9001 certification in 1998.


2015 - New generation in senior management

Patrick Sperling follows his father Michael Sperling and joins the company in 2015 as Managing Director. He has been leading the company since then, together with Josef Schumacher Junior.


Heute - More than 70 years experience

We have been producing technical springs, stamped and flexible parts for a wide range of applications in many different industries for more than 70 years. And this is what we would like keep on doing. With high quality, reliably and on time. But most of all with expertise and dedication for our work.